Computer Support Services, Inc.

When It Has To Be Done Right-The First Time!

Originally established in 1976 as Suburban Electronics, we were the first company in the western suburbs of Chicago to provide components and hardware to the new "PC" computer users, in the area. In 1984, we started to provide support services to small and medium companies that were just getting started, with computers for their companies.

Since then, we have established clients throughout the Chicago area and have been involved in all facets of networking, security and internet situations.

Our clients include attorneys, doctors, not-for- profit organizations, parts suppliers for the automotive industry and insurance companies just to name a few.

Our staff is fully qualified and certified to handle any project that may arise. We will handle each step along the way that involves other suppliers also.

The computer world has become a very complex operation, with all of the companies that are in competition. We use only the best and most reliable organizations for support at
CSS, Inc.

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To contact us:

Phone: 630-337-0731
Fax: 630-337-0731

4028 Douglas Road
Downers Grove, IL. 60515